Painting Tutorial – Termagaunts

Hey everybody, when I started collecting Tyranids, Hive fleet Behemoths colour scheme was most appealing. I search for tutorials myself, and found an article from Tales of Painters. So now, I continue to help new players to start their own tyranids army.

But, here’s an introduction, two fellows, one on the left is armed with a devourer (weapon), and the one on the right is a standard ‘gaunt with a fleshborer (weapon).


Stage 1. Paint models using black undercoat. Spray painting is fastest and easiest for this



Stage 2. Use a big brush (drybrush) to paint models skin with a Mephiston Red. You can ignore the excess paint on other areas.

Stage 3. Paint the second layer of skin with a Evil Sunz Scarlet, again, this stage can be painted with a drybrush.


Stage 4. Last layer of skin is painted with a Wild Rider Red, picking highlights, such as bodyjoints and face. The result should look more red than orange.

Stage 5. Now the real painting begins, use detail (or fine detail) brush to paint edges of carapace with Kantor Blue. Make sure the carapace has some black towards of the inner area. I recommend 50% of carapace’s should be blue-ish.

Stage 6. This is my favourite part of painting Tyranids. Again, use a detail / fine detail brush to paint edges of the carapace with Teclis Blue. After this, model gets nice (if weird) contrast of colours. How thick edge? I recommend 1mm, so you can even make another layer at edges with Temple Guard Blue.

Stage 7. Paint the devourer and any fleshy parts, weapon’s hoses etc. Use Bugman’s Glow, method is up to you; if you want detail, follow this tutorial. You can also drybrush this stage.

Stage 8. This is very you can decide, what colours your bases look like. I picked my to be ashwaste-look. With using detail/big brush, paint the model’s base, hooves, weapons.


Stage 9. With a detail (or fine detail) brush, add some contrast to the model by painting their teeth and claws Ceramite White.


Stage 10. I found this being one of the hardest part, painting eyes with Flashgitz Yellow. The models eyes are so tiny, so I sometimes leave them. Dont forget to paint gun’s eye too.

Stage 11. Back in business with fleshy parts. Paint Bloodletter Gaze upon fleshy parts, to blend red with another colours. After the Glaze has dryed, highlight fleshy parts with Cadian Fleshtone. You can either drybrush or go layering.


FINISHED, these are now ready to rip your planet apart.



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